Welcome back to our friends that went North for summer We are glad you are back


Upcoming classes dates and times

Aug.Sept.2018 (docx)


Class Descriptions

AKC Star Puppy

For puppies between the ages of 3 mo to 6 mo old. This is the beginning of focus, loose leash walking and walking thourgh mild distractions. It is an AKC Title class.  

Graduate Puppy

For puppies between the ages of 6mo and 1 yr old. This is an intermident class to help your dog during the time between puppy and young adult. 

Good Manners

For dogs over the age of 1 yr. This class begins to work loose leash in distractions and beginnings adding time and distance to sits and downs. 

AKC Canine Good Citizen

AKC Rally Class


AKC Tricks Class


Additional Classes added as needed

AKC Community Canine

Must have completed and passed AKC Canine Good Citizen Title prior to joining this class. 

AKC Urban Canine

Reactive Rover Class

This class requires and evaluation prior to sign up. Contact Us today for additional details