Class descriptions


 Class Descriptions 

AKC Star Puppy All dogs ages 3 mo to 6 mo. 

Socialization Training Activity and Responsible dog ownership. An AKC program that is set up to begin your new canine addition in the world of canine to human communication. This program utilizes positive reinforcement training and is a great foundation building class.

Graduate Puppy – 6 mo to 1 yr old- 4wk classes

This program is set up o help transition from Puppy to pre teen. It is a great place to begin taking your skills to the next level with your dog. It is used to transition your puppy towards adulthood while teaching at your canines current learning level.

Good Manners – 1 yr and older-4 wk. class

This class assist to enhance the skills your canine has learned in prior classes and covers the foundations for future achievements in the canine world. Items covered are-sit –  down –  stay –  wait –  come –  touch –  focus – loose leash walking

AKC Canine Good Citizen – 6 mo and over- 6 wk Program

AN AKC Program to prepare for the Canine Good Citizen. This program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. There are ten skills that your dog has to master to achieve the CGC Title. A required class for all dogs working toward Skilled companion levels.

AKC Community K9 – (must have CGC title) – 6 wk Program 

An AKC Program that is held out doors in complex environemnts. This is an advanced form of the Canine Good Citizen designed to begin teaching your canine how to cope with an ever changing environment. Great for teams that want to do therapy work and is a requirement for all dogs working toward Skilled companion levels.

AKC Urban Canine-(must have Community K9) 6 wks

Program that enriches the skills learned in CGC and CGCA.

Urban Canine text sets your dog up for city living and assists then in abiding by CGC guidelines in complex environments such as remaining calm while walking on the sidewalks on busy city streets. It introduces your canine to the sights sounds and smells that are unique to city living.


AKC RALLY is here to play. 

Rally Open Practice all levels  Friday at 6:30pm 

Does your dog know sit? can your dog walk with you without pulling you? How does your dog do around other dogs? Rally is a great way to practice the skills you have learned in Star puppy, Graduate and Good manners. Classes are on Tuesdays at 3 pm and sessions run for 6 wk. Intermediate and Advanced Rally follows at 4 pm to helps refine your skills as you move through the levels of Rally.  Novice – Intermediate – Advanced – Excellent – Master classes available

AKC Tricks Classes     Thursdays at 3 pm for all classes 

Novice – Intermediate – Advanced – Excellent – Performance. Come and join the fun as you and your dog learn tricks that you can use on you therapy visits to brng smiles to the people you visit. And now you can earn AKC recognized Titles while having fun. Roll over-sit up-crawl-go under-carry a basket-pick up toys-retrieve your keys. These are just a few of the things you can choose to learn.

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Call 239-217-0241 or email for more information. If you don’t see the class you want ask if we are holding it at another time. We are here to support You.